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Re: bulk mailing tools/admin RDP/https cpanel/zimbra webmail [moblog]

Hi there,
We provide SMTP server/RDP/cpanel/2018 fresh leads and etc tools for bulk mailing marketing, please check below updated tools list, please do not hesitate add my contacts for professional advice.
Skype ID
ICQ UIN 722 606 219

Plan 1: Unlimited SMTP server + licensed Turbo Mailer + admin RDP/Price: $155/Monthly
Plan 2: Unlimited web-based SMTP (no need RDP and sender software such as Turbo mailer or AMS)/Price:$175/Monthly
Plan 3: licensed licensed Supmer mailer + admin RDP + 5 SMTP rotate/price: $255/Monthly
Plan 4: Unlimited SMTP server/Price: $99/Monthly
(plan 4 include sender address/username/password/smtp server, need work with turbo mailer/AMS/Sendblaster etc...)
Plan 5: Unlimited web-mail
Roundcube webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $135/Monthly
Zimbra webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $155/Monthly
Plan 6:admin RDP
1-below location admin RDP price: $35/Monthly
2-below locations admin RDP price: $45/Monthly
HongKong/China/Indian/Japan/Singapore/South Korea/Brazil/Colombia/Mexico/Indonesia/Israel/Malaysia/Pakistan/Taiwan/Thailand/Tureky/U.A.E/Vietnam/Australia/Egypt/New Zealand/Nigeria/South Africa
Plan 7: business/CEO & CFO/private email lead
1- business company email leads: $35 per 100k
2- CEO & CFO email leads: $50 per 100k
Plan 8: https cpanel
1-bulletproof WHM + https cpanel/price: $55/Monthly
dedicated ip/host any page/ignore any complaints/client can create unlimited cpanel user accounts
2-normal https cpanel/price: $35/Monthly
for normal usage/host legal page only/one cpanel user account
Plan 9: email blast sender software
1-Turbo mailer/price: $20 with lifetime license
2-Sendblaster/Price: $155 with lifetime license
3-BBmail email marketing software/price: $155 with lifetime license
BBmail email marketing software can realize multiple SMTP rotate, get better delivery
Plan 10: email extractor/price: $155 with lifetime license
1- lifetime license/update to latest version any time
2- extract email by keywords or URL
3- extract email from targeted country
Plan 11: email verifier/price $135 with lifetime license
1- remove invalid emails/get better email performance

Payment we accept:
1- Perfect Money
2- Bitcoin
3- Western Union
4- Money Gram
5- Bank T/T

Smart marketing info & tech solutions ltd.
Add: No 354 Hongxiang Road, Lucheng district, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China
Skype id:
ICQ UIN 722 606 219

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I pray you receive my mail in a good faith [moblog]

Good Day My Good Friend

Let me start by introducing myself I am Mr. John Mark from Burkina Faso, I am writing you this letter based on latest development in my bank which i we like to bring you in. The sum of Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ($ 12.5Million) this is legitimate Transition after the transfer we will share it, 50% for me and 50% for you. Let me know if you Can you help me, kindly Contact me for more details if you are interested in the deal

Contact me here...

Kind Regards

Mr. John Mark
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***BUSINESS*** [moblog]


My name is Mr. Abdulhamid M Saeed; from United Arab Emirates, and I have contacted you concerning business assistance.

I have a business deal information that worth USD millions of dollars to discuss with you, if Interested? Reply back for more details.

The process will be 100% legal

A M Saeed.
First Gulf Bank - Head Office
P.O.Box: 6316
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
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